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    Trolls & tiny creatures
    Trolls & tiny creatures

    This year will be the tenth anniversary of the exhibition « Trolls & tiny creatures » !

    On this occasion, the Museum of Fantastic Art launch a big call for projetcts to the cartoonists, illustrators, painters, phographers and graphic artists. The selected artists will be part of the collective exhibition « Trolls & tiny creatures 2018 » which will take place at the Museum of Fantastic Art from 1er to 31 may.

    Based on the world of the trolls and other strange creatures, this exhibition will be a big reunion for artists. Their artwork will be print in a single copy of 80 x 120 cm and will compose the magical wildlife of the exhibit.

    During the closing party, which will take place thursday the 7 june, 7 prize will be awarded : the Vlan award, the MAF award, the public award, the Région Bruxelles-Capitale award, the Fracophones Bruxelles award, the BIFFF award and the Charles Picqué award.

    Projects must contain at least one troll or one tiny creature and must be sent in A4 PDF portrait 300 DPI format (and in full frame)  at the following adress : infomafcaf@gmail.com

    End of applications the first of april.

    So take your brushes, pencils and mouse and participate to this amazing and magical world populated by strange creatures and onsters of all kind.


    From 11/12/2017
    to 1/04/2018

    From 00h.00 to 00h.00
    for everyone
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi