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    Prices list of Trolls & Tiny Creatures 2018
    Prices list of Trolls & Tiny Creatures 2018

    Here are the awards of the exhibition Trolls & Tiny Creatures 2018

     - Région Bruxelles-Capitale award : Tiago Dinel

     - Francophpnes Bruxelles award : LM

     - BIFFF's award : Jacques Deal

     - Vlan award : Nicolas le Tutour

     - Aucience award : John Thomsin

                                                   - Charles Picqué award : Rat

                                                   - MAF's award : David P

    We would like to thank all the artists, visitors and our partners without whom this edition would not have been so fantastic. We make already an appointment for the next year and 11th edition of the exhibition.

    Fantasticly, the MAF team


    From 9/06/2018
    to 16/06/2018

    From 00h.00 to 00h.00
    for everyone
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi