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    MAF's Night - Special Chiara Jackson
    MAF's Night - Special Chiara Jackson

    The next edition of the MAF's Night will take place on thursday, september 6th at the Museum of Fantastic Art. On this occasion the Museum will honor the artist Chiara Jackson. Who better than this young talented artist could talk about her work: "My work reflects a universal theme that is that of self-seeking. In the general frenzy of the contemporary world, with work, subway journeys, etc. it It becomes difficult to isolate oneself and take that time for oneself.Working at night or in my studio drawing is done in one go to avoid "coming back" to my work and changing its meaning. , meditation takes on a vital importance that allows one to "go into a trance", to take the time to empty oneself for the sake of honesty, and the work on paper allows me to work "in one go" with precision. allows you to create quickly by following my impulses of the moment to better express myself in the present moment.The topics are sensuality, love, death, emotions, everyday experiences, etc. that make us flesh and that i, despite societal limitations, continue to govern our lives.

    Having always had a fascination for the beauty of anatomy, these themes are translated by human figures, animal, plant but also by mechanical elements. In these intertwined bodies, flesh, bones, organs, we often find a geometric organization that show that in disorder a structure is always present. The structure also allows me to give more strength and depth to the composition of my work. The mixture of organic forms and geometric shapes makes it possible to make oppositions but also to enrich oneself.

    These bodies in motion, which are damaged, mix, touch, merge, break, repel, are often cloistered in square spaces. These show the limits of self-expression in a society or show emotions is considered a weakness and the body confined to living in pre-established spaces. These drawings are also a reflection of my love for the people around me, the line, the curves, the emotions, even the darkest, which allow this knowledge of oneself. "

    Your benefits with reservation:

    • Visit of the Museum of Fantastic Art

    • Exhibition by Chiara Jackson

    • 1 fantastic badge

    • 1 postcard

    • 1 devilish cocktail

    • 1 tapas

    You can already book your place by clicking on the following link : MAF's Night – Special Chiara Jackson

    MAF's Night – Special Chiara Jackson

    Thursday, september 6 from 5pm to 9 pm

    At the Museum of Fantastic Art / 7 american treet – 1060 - Brussels

    Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles
    7, Rue Américaine
    1060 Brussels
    From 17h.00 to 21h.00
    for everyone
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi