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    MAF's mask
    MAF's mask

    The Museum of Fantastic Art triple layer masks are available. 4 original and limited edition models are available. These are supplied with their storage box, a badge "I am 150 cm away" (in french) and the user manual. Discover these whimsical designs and how to pre-order them via the following link: MAF masks.

    Price: 10 € per unit

    Size of adult masks: 16.8 x 16 cm

    Children's mask dimension 13x13.7

    The masks will be removed from the Center d'Art Fantastique (18 rue de la glacière - 1060 - Brussels) from July 15th. An email will be sent to you as soon as these are available.


    From 25/07/2020
    to 31/08/2020

    From 00h.00 to 00h.00
    for everyone
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi