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    Trolls & creepy crawlies
    Trolls & creepy crawlies

    Various artists exhibit

    Every wednesday, saturday and sunday of may from 2pm to 5pm.

    Heading for the country of the trolls and the tiny creatures. 75 artists invaded the permanent collection of the Museum of Fantastic Art. All the works were digitized, printed in large format (120 cms x 80 cms) and presented in a scenography deserving of the MAF, translate Museum of Fantastic Art.

    The visitors can acquire a work of this temporary exhibition : a aunction system will be set up during the exhibition on our web site.

    The final sale will be take place on thrursday, june first, at 8 pm. Duringb this evening 6 prizes will be awarded.

    Then come to spend one afternoon in the strange world of trolls and tiny creatures.

    To make you a idea of the crazy atmosphere which reigns durinf yhis evening, you can click on the followinng link : Closing Trolls and tiny creatures 2016






    Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles
    7, Rue Américaine
    1060 Brussels
    From 1/05/2017
    to 31/05/2017

    From 14h.00 to 17h.00
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi
    Photo Gallery