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    History of the « Maison Bis-art Bizarre » and the Museum of Fantastic Art.

    The « Maison Bis-art Bizarre » was created in 1989 during the « summer-young » event. At time, Michel Dircken and Michel Souren were working as aminators in the youth and cultural center of Etterbeek. They received a small budget to organise a event during the summer and decided to quickly build some objetcts and a phantasmagorical set using their free imagination. After 15 days of building and 10 exhibitions, 50 peoples were visiting this event. The « Maison Bis-art Bizarre » was born.

    Step by step, they make every effort to expand this event : extension of days and of visiting hours, obtaining appropriate budget, arouse the interest of the press, etc. In 1996, tree mouth of building were required to achieve their ideas on 4 floors ! This exhibition will last two mouth and attracted thousands of visitors.

    In 1997 was a transitional year for logistic and practice reasons and because of a change of place. More precisely, it's in a new premises called « le Clos des Arts » which is located in the « anciennes glacières de Bruxelles » that the most of exhibitions take place. Unfortuntely the place attract more ghosts than visitors.

    So Michel Dircken decide to step it up a notch. Taken refuge in the last floor of his house, he transforms the rest of it in an amazing place entirely dedicate to the fantatsic art and propose to the visitors an overview sometimes baroque but often surealistic about a strange world.

    Michel Dircken looked after the slightest details and has created most of the exposed works. Mixed through the eye of the third millenium, Bosh, Breughel, De Ghelderode, Delvaux, magritte, Rops or Hergé would probably not deny this phantasmagorical place which is located in the heart of Brussels. The 2 march 2002, the doors of the museum open, and the same day, the great writer Thomas Owen was leaving for a long journey.

    Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles
    7, Rue Américaine
    1060 Brussels
    Tous les week-ends
    De mai a septembre
    De 14h00 à 17h00(*)

    *hors evenements
    8.00€ : Adults
    1.25€ : Art. 27
    8.00€ : -12 years
    8.00€ : Groupe
    8.00€ : Students (12+)
    Public transport
    Tram : 81, 92, 94, 97
    Bus : 54
    Gare : Bruxelles Midi