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    Rent rooms and the museum
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    Anniversary at the Museum of Fantastic Art

    Welcome to a fantastic atmosphere to celebrate your anniversary with your friends. As you arrived at 2pm in the Center of Fantastic Art (18 rue de la glacière - 1060 - Brussels) you'll go to discover the permanent collection of the Museum of Fantastic Art with your friends. You'll enjoy the Golf Terror, a mini-golf based on fantastic, and also can play diverse huge game or make your friends dance on the salsa of the evil (bring your own music). A badge's workshop is also available so you can build your own badge. Last but not least everybody will receive a candyfloss and a portion of pop-corn. A great journey to spend with family ans friends.

    Infos and prices :

    From 2pm to 5pm everyday except during the museum's animation period.

    We provide tables, chairs, video projevtor, sound system and the juice machine.

    The price is 200 € for 15 peoples (including adults) 10 by additional participant.

    50 peoples maximum

    Payment must be done by bank transfer. You'll receive a confirmation of yor reservation upton receipt of payment.

    Children are under the responsability of parents and guardians.

    Beverage available at our cafeteria.

    Adress : CAF – Center of Fantastic Art – 18 rue de la glacière – 1060 - Brussels