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    NowGolf Imaginarium
    Golf Imaginarium
    2/09/2020 > 28/10/2020
    The Golf Imaginarium will be  return on mandatoty reservation. This atypical mini-golf, fruit of passionate fantasy and imagination, is installed in the industrial site of the old coolers of Brussels, where the cooling coils cross the ceiling of this singular space. Featuring a whimsical decor featuring strange creatures, spiders coming out of the green, haunted castles and steampunk elements, this one-of-a-kind mini-golf offers an 18 hole's course filled with pitfalls all in a foggy ...
    SoonHlloween at the Center of Fantastic Art
    Hlloween at the Center of Fantastic Art
    31/10/2020 > 8/11/2020
    Due to possible changes in current health measures, Halloween may be cancelled or postponed. We therefore kindly ask you to wait for confirmation of the event before making your reservations on our online ticketing system. All reservations will of course be taken into account, even the day before the event. This year Halloween is getting a makeover and will offer two frenzied formulas for the pleasure of small and large monsters. Travel along fun enigmas, bet on the zombie race, enjoy a ...
    SoonSmall format exhibition
    Small format exhibition
    31/10/2020 > 8/11/2020
    Bringing together different works produced during exhibitions presented in recent years at the Museum and the Center of Fantastic Art, Small format will offer visitors the opportunity to travel through many universes all dedicated to the fantastic and presented in the form of postcards. Over 400 works will be presented. Each visitors will leave with 4 postcards of the exhibition. A unique opportunity to rediscover the fantastic works of belgian and international artists and also the unique ...
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