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    NowCall for projectsCall for projects Trools & Tiny Creatures 2020
    Call for projects Trools & Tiny Creatures 2020
    27/01/2020 > 30/06/2020
    Trolls & Tiny Creatures is back! This year, the exhibition will  exeptionaly take plave in july and august at the Center of Fantastic Art. On this occasion the Museum of Fantastic Art launches a big call for projects to the designers, illustrators, painters, photographers and graphic designers of all horizons. The selected artists will be part of the collective exhibition Trolls & Tiny Creatures 2020. Based on the world of trolls and other strange creatures, this exhibition ...
    NowJe suis à 150 cm
    Je suis à 150 cm
    25/03/2020 > 19/04/2020
    Dear friends, courage to all. Being ourselves confined but not in our ideas, here is the new special confinement badge model. If you want to display the object on your back and support the museum in this unusual period : contact us at infomafcaf@gmail.com / 56mm metal badge + 2 postcards from the museum = € 5 shipping included (only in Belgium confinement requires) Fantastically confined, the MAF team P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm ...
    NowCall for projectsPinksteren Steampunk call for projects
    Pinksteren Steampunk call for projects
    14/01/2020 > 10/05/2020
    As part of the International Pinksteren Steampunk Festival of Brussels, which will take place on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2020, the Museum of Fantasic Art is launching a large call for projects to all artists, graphic designers, and steampunk designers who would like to participate in the creation of a visual to highlight the festival. It is of course in the spirit of lighted vaporists, hellish machines and a Julesvernian aesthetic that we are waiting for you. The creations must be sent to us ...
    SoonPinksteren Steampunk Festival
    Pinksteren Steampunk Festival
    30/05/2020 > 1/06/2020
    On May 30th 31 and June 1st the Center of Fantastic Art will host the Pinksteren Steampunk festival, event based on steampunk and retro-futurism. In the program of these exeptional 3 days : Exhibitions, Animations, Craft Market, mini-golf imaginarium and a lot of other surorises. You find soon the programmation of the .       You will find the press release via the following link: Press release as well as the festival press kit here: Press kit P { margin-bottom: ...
    SoonSteampunk Market
    Steampunk Market
    30/05/2020 > 1/06/2020
    As part of the International Pinksteren Steampunk Festival, the Fantastic Art Center will host a large Steampunk Market. Artists and artisans will proposed on this occasion their works : illustrations, jewelry and other fantastic objects, all based on steampunk and retro-futurism. A unique opportunity to discover the talent of extraordinary artists, and a unique universe.       Exhibitors wishing to participate in the market must send us a link or some photographs ...
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